Is it Smarter to Use Smart Locks?

Residential security is extremely important. That’s why it can be immensely difficult to make important decisions regarding lock and key options. It can often be hard to choose between smart locks and standard locks. Smart locks are currently a big force in the security realm. They’re among the biggest technological advancements in residential security. Homeowners are turning to smart locks with more frequency nowadays.

They gravitate to these convenient locks for a handful of reasons. If you want to give your home security arrangement a major upgrade, you should think about investing in professional smart key installation. Smart keys are a popular security option among some of the smartest and most discerning folks around. If you’re looking for a trained and qualified Brooklyn locksmith who can take care of your smart key installation requests and beyond, get in contact with American Best Locksmith right away. We’re a firm that focuses on all kinds of emergency locksmith specialties. We focus on all types of commercial locksmith requests as well.

Understanding Standard Locks

Many different options in standard locks exist. Deadbolt door locks are one popular example. Double and single cylinder deadbolt lock options are both readily available. Grade 1 deadbolts are optimal for the highest level of security. If you want to secure your home with standard locks, numerous features can help you do so. Deadbolt throws that are lengthier can be an asset. Strike plates that are made of metal can be an asset as well. Standard lock safety runs the gamut. Several factors always come into play. Examples of these are specific lock positioning and frequency of lock use. It’s also critical to determine if a standard lock should be used in conjunction with another security option.
Standard Lock Advantages:

  • They’re trustworthy. People have been using them for years and years.
  • They’re extremely reliable when they’re installed and used correctly.
  • There are many different options in these locks.

Standard Lock Disadvantages:

  • They’re essentially useless when you’re away from your property.
  • They don’t give people the ability to oversee their homes while they’re not around.

Understanding Smart Locks

Smart locks, in short, are the automated counterparts of standard locks. They generally employ standard lock functions. The main difference, however, is that people can make use of them from distant locations. They can operate them via electronic means as well. If you’re looking for a lock that can help you oversee your property with more ease and convenience, the “smart” path may be a good one for you to take. Smart keys can also be helpful to smartphone owners. People can turn to their mobile devices to utilize their smart keys. If you’re a busy individual who wants to enjoy additional peace of mind whenever you’re away from home, smart locks may be suitable for you.
Smart Lock Advantages:

  • People can use them in conjunction with their mobile devices.
  • They enable people to carefully oversee their homes while they’re out.
  • People can use them in combination with deadbolts for extra safety.

Smart Lock Disadvantages:

  • It can be easy to tamper with them and compromise their security.
  • These locks can be susceptible to potential cyber interference.
  • These locks may not be as tough and resilient as their standard counterparts are.

If you’re thinking about getting new locks for your property, you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both kinds of locks. Smart locks and standard locks are like anything else in this world. They offer their own benefits. They offer their own possible drawbacks as well. It’s important to consider your specific lifestyle. It’s critical to think about your individual needs, too. If you’re someone who leads a fast-paced lifestyle and who is constantly on the go, you may want to look into smart lock options that are available to you. If you’re someone who likes relying on the things that are familiar to you, then you may want to stick with standard locks. The decision is 100 percent yours. You should ultimately go with your gut. Ask yourself which type of lock makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Be honest, too. What works for another person may not necessarily be the best fit for you.

The Time Factor

Standard locks have the advantage of time. Companies have been producing standard locks for decades. They, as a result, have had plenty of time to improve and update them. People everywhere are familiar with countless standard lock brands. They’re often drawn to popular lock companies that have big names in the industry. Widely known lock brands have been creating sturdy and powerful standard locks for longer than most people can grasp. People don’t have that sense of familiarity with smart locks just yet. These locks are still up-and-coming. Smart lock manufacturers haven’t had the time to work on them in the same way, either. The whole concept is still extremely new to people. Standard lock companies have been able to update and enhance their products for a long time. Although there are indeed many smart locks out there that are powerful and reliable, there are many people who are still skeptical about them. Many people believe that smart locks prioritize convenience and simplicity over actual security and safety. There are many people who question the dependability of these innovative locks.

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